100 yen shop

100 yen shop

I think nowadays, everywhere across the world has dollar stores, and in Japan its no different.

Although I think what does change is that the quality and variety of goods differs from one place to another.

I was surprised to see the amount of stuff you can get there, from dress shirts, to food, to umbrellas.

And for the busy salaryman at work who drops their lunch on their tie, you can get a new one for 100yen.


And there’s a pretty good selection of ties too to choose from.


And something else I was surprised to see was Grace’s Hot Sauce. This stuff is originally from Jamaica, and I was really surprised to it.

Grac’es Hot sauce
For one: in Japan

And two: In Japanese ;p

I guess it just shows how big the global market place is, something that’s from Jamaica coming to Japan.

But I really like the Japanese 100yen stores, cause they have a lot of stuff to buy. And also because its cheaper then dollar stores here ;p


One Response to 100 yen shop

  1. baka0001 says:

    seems like my kind of store, it seems better than any dollar store in my neighboorhood because it does not sell ties for a dollar.

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