Ice Cream Vending Machine

Ice Cream Vending Machine

It can get pretty hot in Tokyo (even in may), and when we were at the imperial palace in Tokyo, it was REALLY hot.

Lots of grassy open spaces, perfect for sunlight to just come beaming down on you.

But luckily for us, we found an Ice Cream Vending Machine.

You can see all the different types they had there, Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Strawberry, and even Chocolate Fudge bars. All for 150yen : D

Chocolate fudge

Wallfle Ice cream

It’s basically ice cream, surrounded by a waffle type thing, made of ice cream cone. Was actually pretty convenient, and it tasted really good.

So if you’re lookin to cool down in Japan, look for one of these machines, can make for a nice break.


One Response to Ice Cream Vending Machine

  1. Tsengo says:

    I want vending machine,because the temperature is very high in our area.

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