Embassy Bathrooms

It’s not often that I go to an embassy ( I dont think its often that anyone goes to an embassy honestly) But I dropped by the Canadian embassy in Tokyo because I had to meet someone.

I was afraid of taking pictures because they’d think we were terrorists (paranoid), but when I went to the bathroom there I was surprised.

Initial sight

Such clean and shiny surfaces arn’t the sights you normally see in bathrooms (especially public ones)

Theres a really nice reflecting pool type thing outside of the bathroom



All of this so that when your taking a pee you can have a nice serene sight to look at : 3

nice sight

It’s too bad not all washrooms are so nice and posh : <

But after a long day of listening and reading japanese, it was nice to see a familiar sight.

nice sight

Makes you all patriotic inside~


One Response to Embassy Bathrooms

  1. It’s a bit sad, but nonetheless it’s interesting!

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