Beer Vending Machines

Having a mandatory age for drinking and other things is sometimes a good idea.

Though, it really is almost a useless thing, because people are going to drink anyways, and even if you’re underage you’ll find someone to get you booze.

In Japan the drinking age is 21, though it’s one of those things that boggles me.

Whats the point of drinking age, and smoking age, if theres vending machines that sell these controlled substances?

Walking back to our hostel in Kyoto we stumbled upon a relic of a vending machine, but what did it have in it? Beer : 3

Beer Vending Machine

Saw a couple more later, and a hostel we stayed at later also had a beer bending machine in the lobby.

But seriously whats the point of having a mandatory age, if they can just go to a vending machine and get alcohol?


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